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Tubs of Fun Ride 2 hr rental w/ attendant

Tubs of Fun Ride 2 hr rental w/ attendant

2 hour Rentals

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Setup area: 30ft radius

Age Group: 6 and up

Actual Size: 30ft

Outlets: 1


This Tubs Of Fun carnival Ride is similar to the scrambler ride. Spin your friends and family as the ride spins you. Great ride to use if you have a lot of people at your event. The Tubs of Fun holds approximately 12 passengers at a time. 
Must be set up on a flat level, grassy or hard surfaces least 30ft radius.

What's Included: 
-1 Tubs of fun Ride Trailer mounted 
- Safety Fencing 
-Trained Operator 

This is an hourly rental: 
2 Hour = $495
3 Hour = $ CALL
4 Hour = $ CALL

*If you are outside of our delivery are Please call for Pricing

This ride can be set up on any leveled  grass or hard surface and accommodates 6 kids that are 80 lbs and under.